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We breed only the finest males and females Corgi's for their small size, beautiful colors, silky coats, and charming personalities. We got our first Corgi Puppies 22 years ago, and we have gained considerable experience raising and breeding these sweet, adorable dogs. We take great pride in making sure our puppies are well-socialized. We have a 103-acre farm where the puppies have room to play and grow.

We maintain the highest standards for the well-being of our pups. Our puppies are fed a top-quality premium pet food. Our puppies are bred for health, temperament, and conformation (quality). No two dogs are ever thrown in together to let the chips fall where they may. Our puppies are examined on a continual basis by our veterinarians. Our puppies are growing babies and are given their own playtime where they are allowed to go outside to exercise their muscles and play together!

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The Signs of A Good Mini Corgi Breeder

Corgi puppies are one of the cutest and cuddliest pets that one can ever have. They are so cute, in fact, that a lot of people go crazy over them. They are small, cute, and well mannered which makes them a great addition to any home. However, the big question that a lot of people ask is where they can get these adorable puppies. The answer is very simple; you can either buy a puppy from a friend that has Corgi's or look for certified mini Corgi breeders. If you know someone that raises Corgi's, then you can wait until they breed and ask if you can get one; however, you are not assured of the quality of these pups since the one who raised them first is just the same as you-a pet lover with no experience in breeding pedigree dogs. So getting one from certified breeders is the best solution.
You can find these breeders everywhere, as long as you know how to look. The best way would be by using the internet. Using online databases and search engines, you will have access to tons of mini Corgi breeders. However, be sure to only purchase from certified and reputable breeders to ensure that the pups you acquire are high-class and well mannered. Look for a breeder that is an expert in terms of taking care and raising Corgi's since how these pups are raised will mean a lot to how the dogs behave. Look for a breeder that breeds Corgi's with mild temperaments so that the offspring will be mild mannered as well and will not make a mess out of your home.
It may seem difficult at first and you may think that waiting for a friend’s mother Corgi is easier; but in the long run, getting these pups from well-qualified breeders are well worth it since they are easier to take care of and are a lot more adorable than other breeds and variants.


Our goal is to produce healthy quality puppies for people to enjoy for a long time in their lives. I do not believe that your puppy that you have had in your home is replaceable, but I do feel that sometimes the loss of a four legged family friend can be lessened with the addition of a new one. In the unfortunate event that your puppy would need to be put down within the first two years of its life due to genetics, or if it is found to have congenital or hereditary disorders that adversely affect the health of your puppy I will replace your puppy with your pick of a puppy from any of my females/male combinations.

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This is how I explain the shipping process to individuals to help them feel more at ease with the process of getting a puppy. Shipping a Puppy Is Very safe: See Below Details. We Have Been Shipping Puppies for Many Years and It Is A Very Simple and Effective Way of Getting A Puppy to Its New Home. We Generally Ship Two Times A Week to Major Airports Nation Wide. We Book the Flight A Few Days Prior To The Puppy’s Predetermined Shipping Date, Then Call or Email the Customer

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We are blessed to “own them - vet checked, AKC registered, recent shots, crates- documents and more” and take our responsibility very seriously for providing fully for their emotional and physical care.!